August 04, 2006

and so, it begins...

Today is "the start" of the whole moving adventure (and I use the term adventure loosely here). Tom was delayed coming back from Baltimore (what's new?), so our wonderful friend Mike Nejedly is going with me to get the moving truck. Then, we're headed to Bar 4 Storage to empty our storage unit. Tom should be home by about midnight- tomorrow, we'll start dismantling the apartment (starting with the king-sized bed!), at about 6:15 (or earlier, if he has his way). I'll drop Sedona off at Pete & Mac's for Doggie Day Care (and boarding overnight- sad!) at about 7:00. Then, we start moving the apartment to the truck. Eventually, we will head to Maricopa via the detour, since the flooding is still over the road (not that it would matter, because I think the floodwaters have destroyed parts of the road).

We should be situated in the house sometime in the afternoon, and will actually sleep there- maybe on the couch, who knows??

Think cool, dry (chance of thunderstorms!) thoughts for us!!!

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