July 17, 2006

photo update- Tom's travels in Seattle

So Blogger puts the pictures in here backwards, and it is so irritating, but I'm disinclined to try and re-post them, so you'll just have to look at them out of order.

Mt. Ranier from the plane on the way home

The Space Needle

the view from the Space Needle observation deck.

the Pike Place Fish Company, in the Pike Street Market. They are known for "throwing" the fish from the back to the front when someone orders it- can you imagine watching them throw whole salmon back and forth???

the first vegetable stand Tom came to- he thought, "oh, cool- fresh vegetables, how picturesque" and took a picture, not realizing what else was there.

this is some more of what was there...

and this, too...

he really liked Seattle, even though he was "stuck" there over the weekend because of work. He said he would definitely want to go back sometime, which is good, because Seattle is one place that I really want to go sometime- the Pike Place Market, the climate, the flowers and gardens, the ocean...

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