July 06, 2006

finally, some pictures!

Uploading pictures directly to Blogger is a pain in the neck... for some reason they're never in the order I want them to be. So, here is the link to my picturetrail account: http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?username=jenn0504&x=11&y=14

I've added an album (July 4th weekend), which is pics from the Botanical Garden flashlight tour we went on, as well as pics from a day trip we took through the mountains- We headed East on Hwy 60 from Gilbert, through Miami and Globe, AZ, northeast on Hwy 60 to Show Low... then we headed east on Hwy 260 to Payson, south on Hwy 87 to Hwy 188, which took us along Roosevelt Lake, Apache Lake, and Canyon Lake. We saw some majestic and awesome scenery, driven along some hair-raising narrow roads through the mountains, and had a really nice time.

I also added some pics to the Pet Album (Sedona got a bath on July 4th!), and to the New House album... we went down last weekend- the doors and trim are up, and the first coat of paint was on. The kitchen cabinets were also there, and the uppers were already up. They're making some progress! They really don't have too much more time- our final walkthrough is on the 21st, and we get the keys at 4 pm on July 26th. Then, the work for us starts! We want to do a little painting, and will be moving, hopefully, on August 5th.

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