May 07, 2006

house notes- quick!

A quick post, before the blogger site poops out on me again... I tried to do this yesterday, only to have it all disappear. Why do I never learn to save as I go??? Anyway, the scan on the left is of our sample board- samples of the tile and carpeting... a bit shadowy, but you can see the different flecks of color in the carpet (it got a bit squished in the scanner, though). The second image is courtesy of the Formica website... our countertop, the Jamocha granite color. It has the same colors in, along with darker tones that will tie in with the black appliances. And you can go here: for a look at the cabinets- oak cabinets, in the Chestnut finish, with a slight arch in the upper cabinet doors. (Click on "Signature Series" then click on "Kentwood Arch" to see the cabinet design.) It's one of the standard choices- nothing fancy there! I still can't wait to see it all installed; 2 x 2 inch samples and photos just aren't the same.

I drove to Maricopa on Saturday afternoon, to check out the progress on the house. The plumbing is in, as well as the HVAC ductwork, which is flexible insulated ductwork, different than the metal box-type used in the Midwest... it looks like a big mess of spaghetti snaking through the attic! The heating/cooling unit actually sits up in the attic; it's already been installed, too. Next comes the electrical- then, they have the framing inspection, before doing the insulation and drywall. Hopefully by next weekend they'll have the electrical done. Our friend Mike (who is retired from many years in the construction industry) has agreed to take a look at the place before they do the drywall, to give his expert opinion on the quality of the construction.

The wall in the backyard is also in; it's actually shared with the house behind ours, and they're farther along on that street... they had the hole dug for a pool in that yard, but since the wall is up, I can't tell how far along they are with it. Hopefully it won't be too noisy back there in the summer!

Construction is progressing all along our street, as well as the next one over- there were people moving in down the street, and the yards at the end of the street have finally been landscaped. It's nice to see it coming together (however slowly) as a "neighborhood" rather than just a construction site.

On the local front, the lady next door moved out yesterday, and I think the people upstairs are in the process... there are only two buildings (ours is one) that haven't been painted yet, and that is scheduled for next week. I'm not looking forward to that- the paint smell aside, it's just a disruption in things, having to move everything off the patio, and having the workers and equipment around outside for the dog to bark at.

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