April 12, 2006

Animal Kingdom Antics

  • a couple pics of the pets (well, two of them, anyway)...

The picture of Sedona was taken a couple weeks ago, the first time we took her to the dog park. She loves to run flat-out!!! We took her again last Sunday (the great danes were there again, darn it!), and got her worn out. It was warmer, and it was about noon, so she definitely expended more energy. When we got home, she parked herself on the kitchen floor, and only got up long enough to walk the three steps to her water bowl and back... LOL!

Then, the picture of Cleo: Yesterday afternoon, Tom cleaned the bathroom, which included vacuuming. And, the vacuuming ended up including Cleo!! When he yelled at me to come look and I saw what he was doing, I couldn't believe it- then, I figured, "well, she's less terrified of the vacuum cleaner than of the dog, which is why she didn't jump down from the counter." But then, I realized that she was actually sort of relaxed! She seemed to like it, actually!! Maybe we've actually found a way to keep her from shedding so much- except that I hate vacuuming- lol!

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