March 16, 2006

a little crafty-ness

I actually sold two sets of iris folded note cards from my etsy shop- how exciting is that!?! The same person bought them both, to give as gifts. I'm sending one set directly to the recipient, with a gift card, kinda like you get when flowers are delivered. I haven't done much crafting lately, but this has me inspired!

I also bought some flowers for the patio yesterday, and planted them today after work. It's amazing how much more home-y a few pots of growing things make even the smallest patio! One is a Carolina Jasmine, which is a vine with fragrant, yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers. I have it in a big pot with a 5 foot trellis stuck in it. I'm being optimistic here, because the vine itself is pretty spindly, but hopefully it will grow. The other pot is swedish ivy and two types of red salvia; I'm hoping the hummingbirds might try the flowers of the salvia... when they bloom, that is... right now, they're only buds. I have no idea how plants will do on the patio over the summer, considering that it faces west, so probably will get pretty hot, but I guess I'll find out!

and, a hummingbird update: I had been worried about the nest, especially with the wind and rain we had, but all is well! Yesterday, I saw the mama bird feeding two baby birds!!! Today, I got another glimpse of the babies, so I know I wasn't seeing things... now, I just need to find my camera!

now, to bed... we switched our work hours even earlier- now, instead of working from 6:30 am to 3 pm, I get to work at 6 am... this means I get up around 4:30 am- too darn early in my opinion, but leaving work at 2:30 is pretty nice. (even if all I want to do is head home and take a nap!)

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