March 11, 2006

it's still raining...

and cold, too- when I was out earlier today [I found a really nice new SB store 9Recollections, which is owned by Michael's Craft Stores) and I finally found an AVEDA store... yay!], I could actually see my breath! I have the HEAT on right now!! I didn't realize that the low spots around here are retention ponds without the water (I mean, yes, I knew, but I didn't know, you know??). Anyway, they're all full of water now... I saw on the weather channel on TV that the midwest and Ohio River valley is getting some severe storms too... hope you guys are all okay, and staying dry! interesting fact: says that right now (8:20 pm AZ time) it's 54 degrees (feels like 54 F)in Warren, IL but only 42 degrees (feels like 35 F) in Gilbert, AZ. How messed up is that?? (but by next weekend, it will be in the high 70s again.)

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