February 17, 2006

30 second update- It's Friday- Yay!!!

Here is a pic of the hummingbird sitting on her nest. She's pretty well camouflaged on top of the pine cone. If you didn't know she was there, a casual glance at the tree wouldn't notice a thing. Tom took this picture using a stepstool. The taller stepladder is in the storage closet; and I'm sort of tempted to get it, except it's probably buried under all sorts of junk. Hopefully we will be able to see the babies as they grow up and stretch the nest to its limits- I'm just crossing my fingers that they don't fall prey to one of the many stray cats we have around our apartment complex.

Tom is still home (yay! again), and probably will be till sometime next week- he went into the office today for the first time this week and found out that his immediate supervisor Mark, who was the experienced installer/project manager for the company, quit. So, starting next week, it's just Tom and Marcos (Marcos got hired about a week after Tom was). No more comp time for a while, probably... the director of operations is going to work out a game plan for keeping up on the work; it'll be an interesting few months for him!

Right now I should be packing, not blogging- tomorrow I am going to the Resort Suites of Scottsdale for a 9 am to 9 pm scrapbooking crop, and I don't have a thing packed or planned yet! It should be a fun day; I will get a 6 foot table to myself (for all the crap I'll need to take, due to my lack of plannint- LOL!), lunch and snacks are provided, make and take activities, goodies, etc. etc. I did get 100+ pictures developed after Christmas, and also have a couple other projects in mind, including my Easter cards (using embossing paste- spackle-like stuff that you use to fill in the brass stencil to make it dimensional- stay tuned for the results!)

Sedona is exhausted after playing "laser tag" for the last hour plus... she loves the laser pointer, and will fixate on it as it sits on the breakfast bar till we get it down and play with her. she likes to go in circles to chase it; her highest number of revolutions so far is 13 in a row... most of the time she either gets dizzy or whacks her head on the footstool before then! (yes, I feel bad for her, but she's the one who wants to do it!)

Sunday Tom and I are having a combination Valentine'sDay/Anniversary brunch here... http://www.wyndham.com/hotels/PHXBU/main.wnt We had their champagne brunch once before, and it was wonderful!!! We will miss the opening coverage of the Daytona 500, but will be spending the rest of the day in front of the TV.

It's been chilly and windy here the last couple days- today's high in the Valley was only 63 degrees, more than 5 degrees below normal! A far cry from the Thunder Snow storm Mom described in her latest e-mail, and the deep freeze across the eastern part of the country, I know- I hope you all are keeping warm, and have dug yourselves out!

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