January 02, 2006

a lifetime supply! (well, almost)

Yesterday I went on a search for SBing supplies at the local Home Depot... I like being able to pop elements of a page or handmade card up on 3D foam tape- the stuff you buy in the SB store is waaay expensive, and is the same stuff. This roll is from the hardware store, it will last me forever (at least quite a while, anyway!), and it was only $10 for 350 inches... I also stopped at WalMart and bought the large size bottle of UnDo, because I have a chronic issue with sticking things down on my page and immediately deciding that I want them somewhere else. Now I'm ready for the ScrapFromYourStash 100 Challenge (although technically I bought this in 2006, I meant to go shopping for it on Saturday, so I'm going to make the executive decision and say it's okay). It's another beautiful day here in the East Valley- over 70, and sunny with a few clouds. I know this isn't a realistic introduction to an AZ winter, because it's been 5-10 degrees warmer than normal for the past few weeks, but I think I'll enjoy it while it lasts! This morning, Tom and I had a leisurely holiday brunch while we watched the rain pour on the Rose Parade (I felt so bad for those poor marching bands!)... Tom made pancakes while I made Denver omelets and baked sugar-free Grands cinnamon rolls- it was all delish, and we both felt like taking a nap right after we finished eating! Instead, we took down Christmas and put it all away. It's always sort of sad to put all the Christmas decorations away, but we have so little space in our apartment that it also looks a lot more open.

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