December 31, 2005

Time really does fly! and a resolution or two...

How is it possible that it is New Year's Eve already??? The time seems to be going by so quickly... Tom got home last night (well, technically this morning- it was about 2 am!) from Northbrook, IL- it was snowing in Chicago, so his takeoff was delayed about 15 minutes, but they landed on time- it was just a really late flight! Today, we have a lot of errands to run (the frig' is kind of empty, we're almost out of cat litter, stuff like that), and we may try to sneak in the movie The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Oh, and of course, we'll try to stay up till midnight tonight, but I don't know if I'll make it. I haven't scrapped in months, but I am going to make that one of my New Year's Resolutions... more about that later- so, I saved LOTS of pictures from the computer to a CD, and just need to get them printed (one of the many errands to do today!)... I spent over an hour at Scrapbooks, etc. in Mesa yesterday looking at paper- I picked out some Christmas paper, some that will work for the Desert Botanic Gardens trip, and some that will go with our road trip out here. I figure maybe if I start with the most recent pictures, that will get me back in the scrappin' frame of mind. (?? I hope so... I miss doing it; I just can't figure out what exactly will get me back into it again.) One of the Yahoo groups I belong to (Scrap from Your Stash- ideas for scrapping with the supplies you have, rather than just being a collector) is going to have a challenge based on a new book out in February, Supply SAvvy Scrapbooking by Erin Lincoln ( The back cover says she challenged herself to do all the layouts for the book with supplies and tools she already had, which totaled about 100, so the group challenge is to do 100 layouts (or individual pages, I'm not sure which) only with stuff from your stash. That would be easy for me, I think, if I could just sit down and do it. There are people out there who somehow manage to do >500 layouts a year- I think I did less than 20 last year! Granted, we had lots of stuff going on, with Tom being out of work, getting the dog, our decision to sell the house and move, then doing it, but really... twenty layouts in an entire year is pathetic! I don't usually do resolutions, but in 2006 I'm going to try to scrapbook at least 8 hours per month- that's not much, but I need to make the time to do it a priority. And, I am going to take up the 100 layout challenge, to work on using the supplies and tools that I have. Before Tom and I moved, my sister Judy and I did at least one all-day crop a year together, the Crop for a Cure in Fort Atkinson, WI, which raised money for breast cancer research. It was always a really fun day- spending the day together, giving each other ideas, seeing what projects other people were working on, doing some craft store shopping, and eating lots of chocolate and other scrapping snacks, along with all the games and swaps that the event planners ran throughout the day. I won't be able to go this year, obviously, but maybe we could do some sort of a long-distance cyber-crop through our e-mail, or something... I'll have to think about that some more!

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