December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas 2005

We decided to have our own Christmas on Christmas Eve, since we're spending Christmas Day with some friends. We relaxed on the patio in the afternoon (in shorts and t-shirts!) and watched the hummingbirds; then I fixed us Christmas dinner- ham (thanks to Tom's dad- it was wonderful!) with all the trimmings. We really surprised each other with our gifts... Tom gave me a Garth Brooks 6-CD set and a pair of very high quality cowboy boots, and I gave him a cigar ashtray and a gift certificate for a tandem skydive! These gifts were things we've wanted, but we had NO idea we were getting them for each other. The pets made out pretty good, too- catnip and a laser pointer for the cats, and new chew bones and a floppy kitty toy for the dog.

These are the supplies for this year's Christmas craft project. That's sort of a tradition we have in my family, since we're all pretty crafty- on Christmas day after opening all the presents, someone breaks out the supplies for a craft project- something seen in a magazine, or just a project one of us is working on. Even though I will not be at Mom and Dad's house for Christmas this year, I will be working on a Christmas craft sometime during the day- you'll just have to wait to find out what it is!

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