December 21, 2005

first day of winter

Okay, so today is 12/21... the first day of winter, and the high temperature today in Phoenix was 76 degrees... a far cry from the single digits and inches of snow that we'd have in the Chicago suburbs! As far as the temperature goes, it's great, but it doesn't really feel quite like the Christmas I'm used to without any snow (I don't miss the wind chill one bit, though!) Tom is STILL gone- he started his job with Guardian Systems (a personal safety company that installs safety networks in retirement communities) on Friday the 9th, left for his first installation trip (to Milwaukee- how ironic is that!?!) on Tuesday the 13th, and hasn't made it home yet! He was supposed to be home last Friday, it was switched to today, and now it's not till Friday the 23rd. I sure hope he doesn't have a lot of trips like this- it's going to take a lot of getting used to, having him gone so often, for him as well as for me. I got all the presents wrapped and shipped off to Illinois- they did arrive in time, thank goodness- as for "in one piece," that's still to be seen. We did get the decorations up before Tom headed to Milwaukee; the feather tree and garland are holding all our ornaments, and the cards are being hung up as they come in. Judy sent me a really pretty flower arrangement, too- a snowman with red carnations, holly, and pine boughs. If I can figure out how to post pictures, I'll do it. (I figured it out- yay!) I have been doing a little crafting here and there, since I am still jobless (the staffing agencies are working on it, but it's the end of the year, and budgets are tight, etc. etc.)... I made our change-of-address cards, our Thanksgiving cards and the Christmas cards. I haven't done any SB'ing in months, though- I think maybe I'm so far behind that it's too intimidating to figure out where to start?? I don't know... I did make my Christmas present for Judy, though... after the holidays, and whenever I figure out how to attach pictures, I'll add them, too- I thought they turned out really cool- hopefully she will, too!

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